Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Silverman is unapolegetically racist (& her white fans love that about her)

"Young black men and Jewish 'nanna's' are the same because:"

they both like to wear track suits.

"they both say, 'Yo' -- well, actually, one says, 'Yo' in reverse ('Oy')."

"they both like 'bling.'"

"all their friends are dying."

(oh, yes she did!)

"He's circum-supersized"

**I would be interested in any comments on the "in-group" humor -- deliberate mobilization of anti-Semitic stereotypes Ex. the "large nose") about Jews, so please leave me a comment!!!


Joy said...

i can't handle sarah silverman. have you heard her joke about feeling conflicted about being raped by a jewish doctor. that shit is not funny. i'd love to see her and eve ensler duke it out.

butchrebel said...

seoulsister: I heard *about* the joke -- I read *about* the joke -- I haven't heard the actual joke. I can't stand her either so I avoid anything she touches if I can.

I read an article in "Bust" that says Silverman will do "jokes" about pregnant black teenagers and rape -- but she draws the line at "fat" jokes.

Isn't that interesting.

She says that "women" are targeted for body image jokes in the U.S. far too often, so she won't participate in that horrible activity.

Which led me to ask myself -- who are the poster children for body image issues in the U.S.: young, attractive, white women and girls.

I just hate her comedy -- I hate the whole I'm a cute/sexy, beautiful young white woman so I can say anything I want *about* people who belong to the groups I *DON'T* belong to -- cuz it'll make white people laugh.

And rape jokes?

Really, Sarah?

Why is rape funny, again? Because it's supposed to be a taboo subject -- I imagine that's her reasoning. In the "Bust" article, she says that there are topics "women" comedians aren't supposed to touch -- topics that "male" comedians engage all the time (Ex. Howard Stern -- ick!). So, by joking about rape, then, Silverman is forging her own feminist movement?????? What?

I wonder... truly... what happened to this woman to turn her into someone that uses racism, sexism -- and sexual violence (!) -- to draw attention to herself and get rich.

dinner jacket said...

This is really cool! Sarah silverman is pretty when you meet her personally.

Unknown said...

If she is Jewish shouldn't she want McCain to America enter a war in the Middle East defending Israel? I mean, Israel LOVES war!