Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama: "too dark for America"

I've read far too many comments to blog posts declaring Obama a "danger to the nation."

a "
Muslim." (Why is the term "Muslim" a slur by the way? Why is a presidential candidates' religious status as a Muslim mean that s/he should not run for office?)

a "racist."

a "terrorist"

in part, because:

"pals around with terrorists."

Note: the reference to said "terrorists" refers to the all white, gender integrated, radical/militantly anti-racist members of the the 1960s group called the "Weathermen" (the documentary film Weather Underground provides a more complete history of the organization, its activists, and the context for their activism. It can be seen in its entirety on -- they engaged in a variety of openly/directly violent activism, including bombings of particular U.S. American government buildings -- buildings where they believed the work of white supremacy was carried out. The Weathermen bombed those buildings in reaction to the various forms of white supremacy -- for example, legalized race segregation/Jim Crow, state supported racist police violence against African American women, men and children (including the "legal lynching"/summary police executions of blacks -- mass murders as recent as the 1970s murders of black women, men and children who belonged to MOVE, a community activist group consisting mainly of families). African American southerners' deprivation of voting rights, African American's lack of access to health care -- one example representative of the very *real* institutional violence enacted against blacks -- the young daughter of one black woman sharecropper & 1960s civil rights activist (Fannie Lou Hamer) died in her arms -- of a very treatable fever -- as she approached the doors of the "Negro" Hospital she was forced to drive several hours to get to because 4 whites only would not treat her child) To some people, the Weathermen are terrorists. I view them as important historical figures, white allies in the struggle against racism, and revolutionaries.

I mean,
can we still call it the "White House" if he wins?

We should wear or anti-Obama
t-shirts portraying Obama as a "Curious George"  to a McCain rally! Yes, Obama is represented as a monkey -- but that's not racist! that's just funny. (Please detect drip dry sarcasm).

The following ad warning you away from Barack Obama -- a very dangerous black man -- is available on

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