Thursday, September 17, 2009

White Rage/ White Fright: White Lies (white racial resentment & anti-Obama protest)

***Let's be clear about our starting point.
Here is what Tim Wise meant when he used the phrase "white racial resentment" to describe the motivation for opposition to Obama's health care reform plan***

***I appreciate it when folks ditch the elusive metaphors, and say how they really feel***

***Obama: another reiteration of the trope of the traditional black male threat to white children;
BEWARE GOOD WHITE FOLK!! The black man will raid the white man's home,
and strip him of authority over his white family!***


***Less subtle***

***Invoking the concept of white slavery, eh... which mobilizes the rhetoric of Revolutionary War Era whites, who were quite comfortable with the literal enslavement of black people, but violently rejected their "tax enslavement" to British imperialists. White folks were too good to be, even, discursively enslaved!! (And Revolutionary Era white folks concept of their enslavement obscenely distorted the reality of blacks' enslavement in the Americas ):


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, the images and your comments. As always, an insightful, interesting, and spot-on post. J

Liz said...

Wow. I haven't seen most of those... makes ya love people, eh? Excellent research & commentary on your part.

And thanks for dropping by my new page!