Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bush compares financial crisis to unexpected terrorist attacks

I learned a new term from the blog I link to below: Bushonomics.
I like it.

Terrorist attacks, huh... never saw it comin, huh... 

U.S. culture and society has evolved to a point where disenfranchised and oppressed groups don't pick up arms *en masse* and revolt against their oppressors. Poor people, for example, won't or don't or can't come together to wrest the fruits of privilege away from the middle and upper classes (for so many reasons -- I believe "revolt is unjust" is not on that list of reasons, but rather "revolt would get me, my family, and my loved ones run over by a tank or shot dead" like the workers striking for the increase in wages that would feed, clothe and shelter their families between 1865 and 1929 -- a request to which the state and federal government and large corporations too often answered in the form of intimidation, harassment, beatings, arrests, and flat out murder). 

So, even if they wanted to, poor folks cannot engage in collective, organized rebellion without subjecting themselves to serious *and* seriously unjust consequences. But the economy itself can revolt; it did during the Great Depression. Are we witnessing the economy's rebellion once again?

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